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What Lies Beneath
Images of scary underwater creatures in a long slideshow with background music (3.4MB)
A collection of 61 digitally enhanced photographs of snow scenes with snow flakes falling over them. Clock and calendar included. (17MB)
Winter Wonderlands
A slideshow of 25 beautiful high quality photos of 'Winters Wonderlands': mountains, valleys, lakes and more, from all over the world (23MB)
Wildlife and Snow
3D rendered images of snowy forest scenes, some with wildlife. Includes optional nature sounds. (6.1MB)
Wonders of the World
Wonders of the world pictures, from the Great Wall of China, the pyramids, and the Taj Mahal, to the Grand Canyon, with soothing background music (6.7MB)
World's Most Mysterious Places
18 pictures of the world's most mysterious places from the The Great Pyramids to Stonehenge with musical background (15MB)
Two scenes from the Yosemite National Park with animated effects and sounds of typical wild animals of the area, plus midi backing tracks. (1.4MB)

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