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Scenic Screen Savers
Eleven scenic screensavers based on original photographs by Gianpaolo Bottin. Thumbnail from 'Sunsets and Skies'
Fourteen slides of beautiful beaches and sea views with music (2.1MB)
Silver City Idaho Screen Saver
Sixteen screens of images, photos, coins and memorabilia of Idaho's premier 'Ghost Town', with music. From Enterprise Technology (2.5MB)
Artistic photos from Singapore in a long slideshow. (2.3MB)
Snowfall Fantasy
A pretty snow covered scene with animated fluffy snowflakes falling down (2.4MB)
Snow Scenes
Images of pretty snow covered landscapes in a long slideshow (6.6MB)
Snowy Winter
Computer generated wintery images with trees, snow and ice in a long slideshow, includes music. (1.6MB)

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