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A Gothic Fantasy
Twelve 3D rendered fantasy art images of gothic girls in a slideshow (2.6MB)
A Haunted House Screensaver
Scary appearances around a spooky looking house combined with creepy sound effects. (1.4MB)
Six animated Halloween scenes of things that occur on All-Hallows-Eve: ghosts, witches, ghouls, and more. Includes optional music (10MB)
Alter Ego
3D fantasy animations and slides with captions showing a girl turning into her alter ego - a vampire - at night. (7.2MB)
Angry Little Mummy
Cute animated screensaver with several animations of a little mummy taking out vengeance on everything he meets. Includes optional music. (9.4MB)
Animated Halloween
Nine animated Halloween scenes with optional music. (7.4MB)
Apparition of a Vampire
A multi-scene animated screensaver of a vampire being conjured up by a beautiful woman, and his acts of evil. Includes option horror music. (6.2MB)
Bad Little Witch
Animated screensaver of a Bad Little Witch in several animations. Includes optional horror music. (8.5MB)
Cute animated scene of a Halloween party interrupted by a flying witch. Includes optional music. (9MB)
Black Widow
Twelve beautiful 3D rendered images of Black Widow character with webs and spiders in widescreen format. Includes spooky background music (5.4MB)
Bouncing Skeletons Halloween Screensaver
Animated screensaver with skeletons having good time at a graveyard during Halloween night. Includes optional music. (2.1MB)
Bouncy Pumpkins
An animated screensaver with a group of Halloween pumpkins bouncing on your desktop. (0.5MB)
Crystal Skull
Images of 3D rendered crystal skull laying on the water in changing light while bats hover above (1.5MB)
Disney Halloween
Halloween images with Disney characters in a slideshow with music (21.5MB)

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