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Postmodern Modernist Art Generator
Postmodern Modernist Art Generator: every image is unique, created by an artificial intelligence from scratch in real time the instant before you see it. Smaller version - 3.4MB - available without music (7.6MB)
RollerCoaster 2000
An excellent 3D rollercoaster drive simulation (screensaver link lower on the page) (162KB)
Running Clock 3D Screensaver
A cute real-time 3D alarm clock runs across the fields and has some short stops for rest. Also includes current time and music (2.8MB)
Sports Car in 3D
This real-time 3D screensaver shows a rotating camera view of a BMW M3 model parked on a roof top. Also includes current time and music (8.4MB)
SunXi Go Screen Saver
Replay your favorite Go game in 2D and 3D! Many options are available, custom camera trajectory, 3D level of details, board size etc. (5.4MB)
SunXi 3D Particle Screen Saver
3D Particle Screen Saver with six different animated 3D scenes including: fountain, smoke, rain and sparky. Select your options from Screensaver Settings (3.1MB)

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