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O Holy Night
22 images depicting the night Christ was born. Includes Christmas music. (19.9MB)
Painted Christmas
30 charming Christmas Paintings in a slideshow with Christmas Music (14.4MB)
Pet Christmas
A slideshow of 17 cute Pet portraits at Christmas time with Christmas music (4.8MB)
Plump Angel
Not an ordinary angel - this plump angel 'doll' rotates on her cloud wearing only her birthday suit. Includes music and animations. (1.9MB)
Reason For The Season
Images of the birth and life of Jesus, the reason for the season, with Christmas music and poem (6.4MB)
Santa at the North Pole
Animated scene from the North Pole, with music (1.5MB)
Santa's Little Helpers
Colorful scene from a Christmas decorated house with Santa's little helpers placing gifts under the tree. Includes numerous animations and music. (9.5MB)
Santa in 3D
Animated Christmas scene with a 3D santa, falling snow behind the windows, flickering lights, and Christmas music. Also includes current time. (4.6MB)
Santa on Skis
Rudolp pulls Santa on skis through snow covered landscapes in this animated screensaver with falling snow and optional music. Not suitable for widescreen monitors. (0.3MB)
Santa's Sleigh Works
An animated 3D fantasy image of Santa's sleigh works. Includes snow fall and optional music (7.9MB)

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