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A Child is Born
Seventeen beautifully framed images of Madonna and Child paintings by famous artists in a slideshow with optional music. (2MB)
A Dancing Santa
An animated screensaver with Santa dancing and bouncing among falling snow flakes on your desktop. (476KB)
A Giant Snow Globe
Watch snow swirling around a large snow globe while listening to music. (1.4MB)
All I Want For Christmas
Animated screensaver of gifts passing over a cute scene of Jingles character giving Santa her Christmas list. (2.6MB)
Alternating Christmas Windows
An animated screensaver with falling snow, looking through 4 alternating windows revealing a Christmas scene with animated fire, candles, presents, Christmas tree, and more. Includes optional Christmas music. (8MB)
Amazing Holiday Lights
Animated snow scene images with decorated trees and optional Christmas music (5.6MB)
Angel Art Screensaver
Animated screensaver with framed angel images floating randomly on top of a 'Madonna and Child' painting. Includes optional music. (1.4MB)
Animation with floating angel cards and groups of animated smaller angels, with music (829KB)
Angel of Christmas
A 3D rendered angel in red and green setting that transforms from one color to another, includes optional music (374KB)
Animated Christmas Fireplaces
Ten animated 3D Christmas Fireplace scenes with optional crackling fireplace sounds (28MB)
Art of Tom Newsom: Christmas
Sixty-three beautiful Santa paintings by the artist Tom Newsom in a slideshow with optional music (10.8MB)
A Very Merry Christmas
Christmas time scenes from downtown New York to Chicago, and more, with Christmas Music in the background (15MB)
Awaken Santa!
Animated Christmas fairies decorate the tree while Santa sleeps off his cookies and milk. Includes optional Christmas music (4.1MB)
Bear Celebrates
3D polar bear on his lonely drifting ice-floe does not want to miss the holiday. He decorates Christmas tree, dances to the holiday music, chews the gum, salutes, and more! (1.9MB)
Beautiful Christmas
20 beautiful Christmas related photographs from all over the world with Christmas music (8MB)
Beautiful Christmas Trees
A collection of 27 images of beautiful Christmas tree scenes in a slideshow. Comes with or without Christmas music (10.5 - 18.8MB)
Big Delivery for Christmas
Eleven 3D rendered images and three flash animations of Santa making deliveries for Christmas. Optional music included. (13.3MB)
Bouncy Snowmen
An animated screensaver with snowmen bouncing and dancing in various formations on your screen to Christmas music while Rudolph watches on (0.9MB)

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