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New listings:

Christmas Sleigh
Raindeers pulling Santa's sleigh accross frozen landscape while snowflakes fall (4.25 MB)
Christmas Window
Snowflakes floating past a snow covered window with 'Merry Christmas' written on it (19.1MB)
Holiday Clock
A pretty working clock shows you the cuurent time while snow flakes keep falling down (8.5MB)
Christmas by The Fireplace
A collection of 16 Beautiful Christmas Fireplace Scenes with musical background (11.8MB)
Jingle Bells
Beautiful winter landscape with falling snow, Jingle Bells song, and other sound effects (3.3MB)
Christmas Snowfall
Animated screensaver with a pretty Christmas decorated village under gently falling snow flakes (2.8MB)
Santa's Journey
18 images of Santa and his Elves preparing for his Christmas Eve journey from the North Pole to your house. Includes background music or you add your own music (11MB)
Falling Snow
Animated seasonal screensaver with falling snowflakes over a pretty winter scene with sparkling Christmas trees (18MB)
Christmas Delight Screensaver
Three delightful animated Christmas scenes with Santa and the reindeers in snowy landscapes, Northern Lights, children playing, and more. Also includes an analog clock and children singing on the background (6.2MB)
Animated Christmas Snow Globes
Four animated Christmas snow globes with Santa, Rudolph, snowmen, Christmas gifts and decorations, rotating on your screen one after another. (6.8MB)
Christmas in the City
A slideshow of 19 photos about Christmas time in cities from all over the world. Includes Christmas music on the background (19MB)
Nativity Story Book
A slideshow of 20 illustrations for children about the birth of Jesus. (3MB)
Christmas Art
A slideshow of 24 digital art images depicting Christmas scenes. Two versions available: one with Christmas music one without (16-22MB)
Christmas in Disneyland
Pictures of Disney characters as they celebrate Christmas in Disneyland USA and Hong Kong. Available with or without seasonal musical (10.2-4.7MB)
Christmas Fantasy
Four beautiful animated Christmas scenes with Santa & reindeer sledge, lots of animals, Christmas decorated houses and trees, all accompanied with Christmas music and nature sounds. Also includes a clock. (6.4MB)
Many Faces of Santa
A slideshow 30 wonderful paintings about Santa in action by artist Tom Newsom. Available with or without seasonal music (10-15.5MB)
Blue Santa Christmas Cards
A slideshow of digitally created images of Santa in a blue suit with his elves and helpers. Optional Christmas music included. (11.9MB)
Holiday Tree Screensaver
A snow covered evening scene with illuminated Christmas tree and falling snow (2.6MB)
Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer
20 drawings of 'Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer' and Santa in a slideshow. Available with or without music (5.2-10.8MB)
Christmas Suite
Beautiful animated winter & Christmas scene with Santa Claus steering his reindeer sleigh, many animated birds and other animals, children playing with a snowman, and singing on the background. (3.8MB)
Littlest Angel
Digitally created images and animations of a cute little angel in a slideshow with optional music. (5.4MB)
'Twas The Night Before Christmas
29 adorable illustrations of the story book tale "Twas The Night Before Christmas", including narration of the story. Available with or without sound (9.6-13.7 MB)
Christmas Card
Beautiful animated Christmas card scene with Santa and his reindeers, snowman, birds and pets,and a Christmas tree with Christmas ornaments, all under falling snowflakes. Also includes Christmas music and a clock (3.6MB)
Beautiful Christmas Wreaths
Beautifully decorated Christmas wreaths float against a wintery landscape under falling snow flakes. Includes optional Christmas music. (4.1MB)

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