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Treasure Island Screensaver
Animated day and night time scenes from a tropical 'Treasure Island' including lots of wildlife with nature sounds and even pirates looking for the treasures. (2.5MB)
Tropical Aquaworld
Animated screensaver with tropical underwater scenes filled with numerous creatures above and under the water level (5.7MB)
Tropical Cocktail
Multiple animated scenes from tropical jungle and turquoise lagoons, including monkeys, leopards, panthers, humming birds, sea gulls, dolphins, and more. Also includes sound effects and a clock (6.7MB)
Village Idyll Screensaver
Three beautiful nature scenes with many animated animals, birds, flowers, 'living' water, and more. Also includes nature sounds and a clock showing current time (11.6MB)
Warmth Of Home
Three beautifully animated idyllic scenes with children, domestic animals, ducks, swans, chickens, cats, dogs, butterflies, and more. Also includes nature sounds and a clock (6.5MB)
Waterfalls Symphony
Three animated waterfall scenes with nature sounds. Also includes current time and date. (6.4MB)
Wedding Countdown
This highly configurable animated screensaver counts the days, hours, minutes and seconds until your special day (1.5MB)
Year Round Screensaver
An animated screensaver with cute hand drawn scenes of the 4 seasons. Includes many animated animals, birds, and other critters as well as background music (3.6MB)
Zoom Mania
Animated screensaver with luminous strips of light moving on your screen in changing colors. Customize screensaver from screensaver settings. (0.5MB)

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