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Spring Scene with Clock
Beautiful animated spring scene with butterflies, birds, sheep, fish in the pond, and blue sky with white fluffy clouds. You can read the current time in the tree! Also includes nature sounds (1.5MB)
Summer Farm
Several beautifully animated summer scenes with farm animals, pets, insects, colorful plants, and more. Also includes sounds effects and current time. (5.5MB)
Summer Meadows Screensaver
Three lovely animated summer scenes filled with butterflies, insects and birds. Also include nature sounds. (2.7MB)
Sunny Village
Beautiful hand drawn animated village and farm scenes with colorful birds, butterflies, dragon flies, cows, horses, dogs, cats, chickens, roosters, and more. Also includes animal and nature sounds. (4MB)
Sunrise Lake
Beautifully animated sunrise scene with nature sounds (9.8MB)
Super Saver
A new SuperHero dancing over the screen.You can choose up to 8 clones in the settings, and if you let them dance long enough they'll wear away the surface and you'll see how big this new SuperHero's ego really is (1.1MB)
African Plots
Three different animated scenes with plenty of African wildlife including lions, giraffes, elephants, rhinos, hippopotamus, snakes, turtle, and butterflies. Also includes sounds effects and current time. (5.4MB)
Tiny Fairy Bubbles
Pretty animated fairy blows magic bubbles onto the screen with tiny animated fairies inside the bubbles, all bouncing in the air. Includes optional music. (5.2MB)

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