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Pop Star
Animated screensaver with 3D pop star figure dancing to the music (5.6MB)
Rainy Forest
Three rain forest scenes with animated water effects and lots of critters, snakes and birds moving around. Also includes nature sounds and current time. (5MB)
Sea Adventure
Animated screensaver with jellyfish moving in dark blue waters (1.1MB)
If you like the idea of sharks bumping into your monitor as it's turned into a window on a part of an ocean, then you should like this saver. Dolphins, lionfish, jelly fish, rays and surgeon fish can also be seen swimming by (1MB)
Sheep vs Gravity
sheep grazing on a field and time to time bouncing up in the air, ever higher and higher! Check author's Web Site for other freebies (373 KB)
Shuffle Desktop
This animated screensaver will cut your current desktop in 64 pieces and then mix them in different random ways including some special effects (1MB)

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