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Paradise Sunset
An animated scene from a tropical island at sunset. Includes numerous animated animals, exotic plants and flowers, a waterfall, and nature sounds. Sound can be muted from the screensaver settings (1.7MB)
Pirates Galleon
Animated underwater scene with a sunken pirate galleon, sea creatures, tropical fish, dolphins, killer whales, jellyfish, and more. Also includes a clock. (8.5MB)
Pirates Treasures
Animated underwater scene with a sunken pirate & pirate ship, pirate's treasure, and plenty of sea life. (1.9MB)
Plazmocube screensaver
Colorful 3D 'plasmo' cube rotating on your screen. (0.05MB)
Pooh & The Honey Tree
Animated screensaver with Pooh flying up with the balloon, with sound effects and digital music (658KB)

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