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Green characters run vertically down in columns emulating the Matrix code on your screen. (487KB)
Mermaids Kingdom Screensaver
Multiscene animated screensaver about underwater kingdom of mermaids living with tropical fishes, dolphins, sharks, whales, sea horses and other sea creatures. Includes current time and sound effects. (4.8MB)
Moonlight City
Fully animated night time city scene with moving cars, live billboards, twinkling city lights and even movie clips on a screen (NB. large file=17.6MB)
Animated screensaver based on original pencil drawings of hippos taking a mudbath (508MB)
Mysterious Lakes
Three beautiful lake scenes with animated water effects and lots of wildlife including swans, butterflies, frogs, dragonflies, deers, woodpeckers, and bears, moving about. Also includes nature sounds (2.9MB)
3D-rendered octos move over your screen in their own typical fashion, choose desktop or plain background. More 3D savers on the same page. (287KB)

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